Hasnat Hanif

Hasnat is a dedicated and compassionate lawyer based in Calgary, Alberta. With deep roots in the local community, he is committed to providing exceptional legal services to individuals facing challenging times in their lives.

Throughout his career, Hasnat’s unwavering commitment to helping struggling families and youth has remained the cornerstone of his professional ethos. His unique combination of legal expertise and extensive experience in social services provides him a comprehensive understanding of the complex issues his clients face.

Hasnat recognizes that choosing a lawyer is a pivotal decision, often made during challenging times. He understands the importance of being welcoming and supportive. Hasnat’s primary focus is to guide his clients from the initial consultation through the entire legal process, ensuring their best interests are represented.

Whether you are dealing with Family Law issues, or other legal matters (Real Estate, Immigration, Criminal, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, and more), Hasnat is here to provide unwavering support. His dedication to achieving optimal outcomes for his clients is at the core of his legal practice.



  • Family Law
  • Real Estate
  • Criminal
  • Personal Injury


  • Legal education at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.


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