Gelek Passang

GSD Law - Gelek Passang

Gelek completed his LLM degree in International Commercial and Business Law from the University of Bangor, UK, with Merit. He has been the recipient of Dalai Lama Trust Graduate Scholarship, New York, USA, for his LLM degree and the Department of Education’s Merit Scholarship for his LLB degree.

His previous experience involves working as Legal Executive and Legal Associate for two different Legal Process Outsourcing companies based in India that caters to the American clients such as American attorneys, law firms, other business organizations and entities.

Gelek was a licensed lawyer in India before he moved to Canada in 2015. He is currently preparing for his NCA (National Committee on Accreditation) Examination, a mandatory requirement for every foreign lawyer to successfully get enrolled here in Canada as a lawyer.


  • LLM in International Commercial and Business Law